Using 2 Nec3540 Drives

I recently bought 2 Nec3540 drives.
Before that I had a Nec 2500.
I would like to configure my PC to rip from both drives at the same time.
I also would like to burn a film to both drives at the same time.
I have 2 Hard drives on one IDE connector,and the 2 DVD writers on the other IDE connector.
What is the optimium setup to achieve this.

HD on other SATA or PATA Add-in card or whatever… first Nec on Primary Master… second Nec on Secondary Master.

I dont have an add in card yet.
Some people have recommended I use
IDE1 = HD-1 master, DVDRW-1 slave
IDE2= DVDRW-2 master, HD-2 slave
Will this slow the Hard Drives down ?

This could slow down your HDDs. I would use the following:
IDE1 = HD1 master, HD2 slave
IDE2 = DVD1 master, DVD2 slave

But when burning to both DVD drives at the same time it could be a problem. There is no ideal configuration in this case… but buying an add-in card would solve the problem. =)

Seems I will have to get an IDE card soon then.

Try first to burn 2 discs in the configuration Liggy suggested.
I’ve tried it once at 8x with different drives on the same IDE channel… the speed fell to 4x and when one drive had a AOPC/WOPC point on both drives the buffer fell causing buffer underrun pervention to kick in. =) But the discs were burned fine but still worse than normal and because it was so slow I haven’t gained anything so I never tried this again.

I have tested burning on 2 Nec 3540 drives at 8x and it has been a success.
I have my 2 hard drives on the Primary channel and the 2 Nec’s on the Secondary IDE channel.
I used Nero to burn on multiple burners.
I burnt 2 different sets of 2 films and they burnt at a fast speed ;almost 8x as selected.
I checked the quality of the burns and they were fine.
I also surfed the net and tried a few other tasks at the same time to ensure a true test.
Does anyone have a similar setup or have any experience of this ?

Also, keep in mind that your NEC drives could not be able to work in full UDMA mode when hooked to an external IDE controller, using the slower MDMA2 (MultiWord DMA 2) instead… see e.g. this thread, or try [cdfsearch=nec mdma]this search[/cdfsearch] (NEC+MDMA).

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I was planning on getting a non Raid controller card and from the threads you mentioned it seems IDE only cards should work at UDMA 2.
RAID cards do not fully support the ATAPI standard, so some optical drives will not perform at full capability when fitted to such a card.

Yes, generally non-RAID cards perform better that RAID cards. However, many IDE controllers have troubles in general with ODD devices (since they don’t support fully the ATAPI standard too). There is a huge thread about this topic here at CDFreaks:

IDE Controllers (The definitive Thread)

From my experience, I can say is that I have a Sil0680-based IDE card (not using it now), and even flashing it with the non-RAID bios I’ve not been able to run my NECs (2500, 3500, 3520, 3540, didn’t try with the 4551) at more than MDMA2 (while other brands were working fine). Yet Sil0680-based cards are between the most compatible IDE controllers for ODD devices…

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Yep! You are entering shart infested waters! Time for an extra box! LOL

Thanks for the advice guys ,I will hold off on the IDE card for the moment so and see how the current configuration performs oveer the next few weeks.
2 Drives should be fine anyway.
The burns seem good in Nero CD-DVD Speed .