Using 2 dvd-recorders at the same PC

I’ve recently bought a second DVD-recorder for my PC. I’ve connected it as slave while the pre-existing is the master. I’m using Nero6 for burning and recognize only the master for recording. My intention was to use both according to my needs. How can this happen? Is another way of connecting them which allows me to choose which one will be the recorder in nero??? Please need your help…
Thanks in advance!!!
P.S. master>>>NEC 3520A
slave >>>TEAC W516GA

Sounds like you’re using an OEM version of Nero, which will never see any drive other than the brand it came with.

That issue aside, you won’t be able to use both drives on the same IDE channel at the same time unless they are identical drives and you are burning multiple copies of the same thing.

Well, I’m not using an OEM Nero version. Actually it recognizes the second drive only as source in the option of copying “on the fly”. I didn’t understand the thing about the IDE channel. Could you be more specific? I’m an amateur user…

If the new burner is not available as a recorder in “choose recorder”, then you either need to update Nero, or it is an OEM version.

If you are trying to burn to both burners at once (multiple recorder option), they will need to be identical burners.