Using 2.4x (single layer) media in a DVR-111?

Hello everyone,

I was running out of media, so as usual I shopped around for the best deal. Looked at future shop, they only had phillips… best buy only had maxell 16x (probably ritek arg)… I usualy try to find something nice at b&m stores because a 10$ charge on a 100-pack of discs always comes up king of expensive

I stumbled upon what seemed like a sweet deal… some Verbatim Datalife 2.4x disc in 100 packs for less that .19 cents (canadian) a disc… I don’t really mind the slow speed. It’s still Verbatim media and with shipping, it comes out a lot cheaper than the garbage currently on sale at best buy… Half the price as TYs…

I was wondering, has anyone here ever tried burning older, slower media on a modern burner like the Pioneer DVR-111? (I have Buffalo 8.29 firmware)

MCSE confirms the discs are supported, but I’d like some comments from you cdfreaks… can I expect decent quality?

Well I’ve burnt Verbatim MCC002 4x +R discs in ALL my drives @ 4x and only got superb results with all of them.

I think these should also work fine. Do you have a liteon, if yes you should do some scans after you burn them and post here.

Well, it seems I might of not been that smart with my purchase, I just checked the database, and it seems these discs might code out as RICOHJPN R00, CMC MAG R01, MCC001 or even RITEK R01…

It’s still a good deal, but i’m a little worried about long-term storage… (for the CMCs and RITEKs…)

I have a Lite-on 1633 also that I use for scanning. I’ll post a scan sometime this week when I receive them

If you want quality backups then quality discs will do most of the job. I have some CMC and TDK 2x discs and they scan fine. I have replaced some of my early backup crap discs with them since it couldn’t be worse. Time will tell - it’s only about a year ago i burned them and they still look fine. My even older HP/RICOHJPN R00 look as healthy as they did 3 years ago :slight_smile:

I think they should be fine in case of long-term storage, as long as you make at least 2 of each backup on different types of media for peace of mind :slight_smile:

P.S. also please tell us which discs you actually do receive :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my 111 will only write these at 1x and it doesn’t look fantastic. Hope you have better luck

Fortunately my LiteOn does very well with same discs - even overspeeded to 4x. (Just to show discs work ok in another drive. Only my 1640 and 111 seem not to like them)

If they’re verbatim, I wouldn’t think they’d be anything other than MCC but I could be wrong. I know that almost all the 8x and 16x discs are MCC or TY.

For the price though, it was a good buy I think :slight_smile:

For -R this is possible, but never for +R.

What are that CMC MAGs really? What is the full MID?

It’s all info i can get from the discs. If someone know more i’m curious too :slight_smile:

Nero cd dvd speed -> Disc info

Maybe the entire code is simply just CMC MAG. ?

Anyways, that’s true if it’s 2.4x +R it cannot be written lower than 2.4x

So the MID can’t be CMC MAG. Hopefully should be made by MCC, but if it just says Datalife and not DatalifePlus, it is possible to be something other than MCC.

In my collection, I have various batches of Imation DVD-R with the media code “CMC MAG”. They are 1X-2X rated media.


Ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, I smell some fakes.

That doesn’t look and sound good…

Na - but as you see initial scan is fine. I think the oldest ones i burned and have track of is about a year and they work well. I got them from svp back in the day and they came as CMC unbranded and some tubs had this code CMC MAG. and other had TDK02. I’ve had no reason to complain so far… and did i mention they were cheap :smiley:

Might I ask why you “smell some fakes”? I thought it was possible to find Verbatim --and other-- media with CMC media codes? And since the media CJ2 posted IS (I assume older) 2x DVD-R with the older CMC MAG. 2x DVD-R media code, I don’t see the issue? Or am I missing something?

Why on earth would anyone fake a CMC MAG. 1-2x DVD-R code? That makes no sense at all.

I would agree with cd pirate :iagree:

That’s why I’m confused. :confused: