Using 16x on 2500



Best Buy has a good deal on Memorex 16x dvd-r. $17 for 50.

Can one successfully use 16x media on the 2500 with stock 1.6 firmware?



Don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


But only at 8x, of course.


What if the 25X0 firmware does not contain write strategies for that particular media code?
I don’t think this would work.


I would suggest flashing that baby’s FW… but yeah using 16X on 2500 will yield only 8x :disagree: …so save even more and use 8x media or better yet, buy 4x media which burns at 8x using hacked fw… :iagree:


tdk 003 burnt well on my NEC 2510 @ 2f9 (supported MID). You should buy a single (jewel case ?) version of the media to test first, if possible. good quality 8x media will yield better results though.



2.F9 works great! I use it myself too.


Yep, just all the other guys said, update to a new firmware and they will burn good at 8x. Im using maddog 2F9 but there’s a new firmware out, 205 ( no bitsetting)