Using 16x DVD discs on a 8x NEC ND-6500A

Is there software I can download to make 16x DVD dics work on my NEC 8x ND-6500A DVD recorder? I get a Nero “burn process failed” message when I try.
NEC had instructions for updating firmware, but no actual downloads that I could find.
I don’t want the recorder to burn faster, I just want to be able to use the 16x discs (I got a bunch on sale.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which firmware is on your drive?

Have you updated your burning software?

Hi & welcome.

What is the media you’re using? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed (disc info) will give the Media ID.

Also posting the Nero log of a failed burn will be most helpful.

I don’t think that there should be any particular problems burning 16x media in a 8x burner providing the burners firmware recognises the media. The latest firmware can be found here . Don’t know why there are 2 versions but if yours is a 2.x version then the 2.24 would be the one. Likewise 4.x then 4.24 is the one.

I’m having the same problem and have the 2.24 Firmware installed. Did you manage to solve the problem and if so how?

I am also having trouble getting 16x verbatim DVD+R/DVD-R discs to work on my NEC6500a drive. I have updated the firmware from the NEC website, and I am not sure what next to do. Any ideas?

Then try to find 8x dvd media or use other 16x like TY.