Users should delay Windows 7 upgrade, support firm warns




Computerworld - Users should wait for Microsoft to work out the bugs in Windows 7 before jumping on the new operating system, a Syracuse, N.Y.-based computer support company said today.




Many people view Win7 as a highly polished version of Vista…basically Vista Service Pack 3. Which knocks the underpinning right out from underneath this article.

Driver support is really the only big question mark when you are deciding to use Win7. There are a few devices that don’t have drivers yet (looking at you HP for your tortoise paced release of printer drivers).

From personal experience, I’ll have to find a new capture card since ATI has seen fit not to provide working drivers in Win7 for my perfectly good, 3yr old card. But these are the problems that occur with any new release of Windows, when many older pieces of equipment are simply abandoned by their manufacturers as far as driver support.


That’s correct Kerry, more or less it’s just to make people aware.



So let me get this straight. A “computer support” firm that once filed a frivolous lawsuit against Google for PR reasons is now advising users to not upgrade to Windows 7.


I’m curious how long it will take for these, ahem, experts to change their tune and declare Windows 7 the greatest Microsoft O/S ever.