Users report problems with important Windows 8 update

Users report problems with important Windows 8 update.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Numerous users around the web are reporting that the latest update to Windows 8 is failing.

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I haven’t experienced this with three Windows 8 Pro computers (two laptops and one desktop). All three patched/updated without a hitch. Is it mostly a WindowsRT problem?

Thanks for reporting this - now Day 2 of trying to fix this time-wasting problem - hope Microsoft are listening.

Re "it’s also possible to download the update files manually from here."
It’s possible but it doesn’t work - I’ve tried it:

I, too have a problem with Windows 8… my problem is that I’m running Windows 8. :stuck_out_tongue:

No issues for me so far since I installed the updates.

It seems that 3rd part software is preventing the installation and the solution below worked for me this evening:

Quote: “Use msconfig to uncheck all non-Microsoft services and restart, then run downloaded KB2770917 file manually. The update was successful and I then restarted the PC with all services checked.”.unquote