Users of popular Acer Cloud storage service vulnerable due leak in Android app

We’ve just posted the following news: Users of popular Acer Cloud storage service vulnerable due leak in Android app[newsimage][/newsimage]

Users of Acer’s cloud storage service, used by 10-50 million users, were vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack when using the service’s Android app.

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While I can see myself using cloud services as a way of public sharing where security is of lesser concern, this case shows a little of what can go wrong.
While this has a cause in failed programming and so is easily correctable, even what today is 100% safe may become tomorrows nightmare due to unknown vulnerabilities in the security mechanisms themselves.

Like I said in another thread, imo internet security has just left it’s infancy and I am positively sure we have yet to see the most serious security breach. This uncertainity is in reality why I don’t use online services, sync on full auto only locally in a timely manner and always keep an offline copy in another location outside of our apartment…

two cents in the fountain :flower:

If you use third-party online storage services, you could be opening yourself up to yet another system of surveillance. A storage provider such as Acer could potentially snoop through your files, or share said files with other surveillance-happy parties (such as the NSA).

You’re better off keeping your files on your own storage devices, especially if you use paid storage services. Flash drives and SD cards are getting large (in terms of capacity, not physical size) and cheap. Forget that $10/month (or whatever a service may charge), and spend that money instead on a flash drive. You’ll probably get about the same amount of storage, but your files will be on a medium you can control.

Of course, if you’re planning to share a file with the general public, nothing on this post applies. Online storage services are probably the best in such cases.