Users complain en masse about OneDrive suddenly requiring NTFS formatted drives


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OneDrive users complain on the internet that they are no longer able to use their OneDrive shares. Microsoft has made a change that requires OneDrive locations to be using the NTFS filesystem.


Reason Big One I don’t use OneDrive-I install Office 2016 offline and do what I want and when I want not when OneDrive wants. This is why I keep telling others not to use 365 cloud it will tell you want and when it wants not the other way around. One give you control the other takes the Controls.


I wonder how this affects non-Windows devices. Android and IOS are not especially known for their support for NTFS, and MacOS mounts NTFS partitions as read-only.

In any case, we have yet another instance of Microsoft ruining their own products with their never-ending stupidity. Why do they do stupid things like this?