Users complain en masse about Microsoft’s new Outlook Android app

We’ve just posted the following news: Users complain en masse about Microsoft’s new Outlook Android app[newsimage][/newsimage]

A recent update to Microsoft’s Outlook Android app has disappointed many users. Reviews about the the latest update of the app in the Google Play Store are mainly negative.

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First thing I do is turn off the focus mailbox setting so I can see all emails…

I Never use Outlook…I use GMX or Gmail to get all my mail in.

Well, that’s unusual. It’s not like Microsoft to produce a horrible product. Oh wait, YES IT IS!

I have been putting up with the new horrible outlook for six months now, which now includes at least 20 pornographic sites in my junk mail everyday, something I never got before, as I do not access those types of websites. I have a business and use my email all day everyday for it, so it was a real hassle, but I have now changed my business email to a gmail account. It’s wonderful and free! No porno and no advertising and it’s really fast. The original Hotmail was so nice and easy to use and fast. The new outlook takes twice as long to do anything, including attaching documents, which is now about three steps. Eventually I will completely phase out the Outlook email account and use another gmail account for my personal use.

The tech people that did this to outlook should be fired!