***Users causing trouble***



User names below:




I think they are the same person. Anyway, check their posts!


Don’t forget the flamming you got going on sir…

Stop Fucking With The Count You Stupid Motherfuckers!

You guys are fucking morons!


HaHaHa! You are a loser!


Can I also add Sexy_Southerner to that list?

i’d get bsullins…personal information and post his private address and phone number on all the gay and fetish sites then delete his account from here…
wonder how the ad would go

wanted .someone to spank me …whip me… make me bleed…and sex is no problem i like the guys…and girls well they don’t like me…so if your feeling frisky give me a call or just come on over…i’ll be waiting…


[B]All you motherfuckers are gonna pay, You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We’re gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches. Once we get to Hollywood and find those Miramax fucks who are making that movie, we’re gonna make 'em eat our shit, then shit out are shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then your all fucking next.


Jay and Silent Bob[/B]

-Jay and Silent Bob

p.s. I just felt like doing this cuz I was bored, don’t think anything of it.


OMG>>>>>>that thread was WHAT would you do…if you were master for a day here…my word…good thing i didn’t say i’d ‘virturally’ whip your lil bum…


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… not my wonderfull big number thread, it was neva made as a big flame thread.

Cant you just delete back to page 190 when it was still clean rather than close it?

Ben :slight_smile:


Already closed, poor Ben. :bigsmile:


:sad: maybe a kind mod or admin will open it again and romove the offending posts (not hinting they should :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think I have pinpointed the post where the problem started, and from what he says, he is just another bored kid looking for trouble (sounds like me dont it :p).

Ben :slight_smile:

btw kenny: nearly 10,000 posts


Are you implying Dee-27 is not kind? :bigsmile:

I should have reached 10,000 at least months ago if I didn’t plan on any moving. :sad:


Counting backwards, beautiful idea. I wonder if it’s possible to burn a DVD backwards as well.


you decide :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought at first I would not take sides in this, i thought the CDFreaks vote-somebody-off-survivor-edition was just a joke, but I guess he really did come just to cause trouble, now he fucked up the big number thread, so I am gonna have to take the side of DJMind.

Just my opinion, so dont anybody accuse me of acting like a mod.

Ben :slight_smile:


Not another bored kid…just a concerned netizen that doesn’t like to see forum’s go to waste by way of bored kids…

Don’t you know there are kids out there that don’t even have the internet? Please don’t abuse it…


Give it a rest sullins. The people on these forums are free to post anything they like as long as they don’t offend or deliberatly hurt another member. Including you. If you don’t think the thread is interesting then don’t click on it. They live and die on their own and don’t need such sarcastic input to expedite the process either way. These forums are a valuable asset to this community and many come here to unwind, but IMHO your stance in many threads has made this more difficult.

I’m not sure if all this crap you are stirring up is tounge in cheek or what, but not many are getting the joke. Your too new to run around making many of the comments you have made and at least for me it has become tiresome and not funny in the least. A lot of people don’t know you and frankly, don’t know how to react to some of your posts. But, I must say that the mods and members have tried to tolerate you the best way we can. We sure would like to improve these forums any way we can but I think your “efforts” are counter-productive and causing many people heartburn. Try using a different tack and then maybe you can help us improve these boards.


A concerned netizen eh? Then why are you trying to cause trouble in a otherwise ok forum? That doesnt sound like concern, that sounds like attention seeking. Well you sure got it, like a little kid screaming just to get there mummy to tell them off, they would rather get told off than ignored.


Im not the one going around trying to cause as much trouble and offense as possible. Would you care to explain how I abusing the internet?

  • Ben


I understand where you’re coming from and appreciate your comments…I don’t intend to make jokes or cause offense to the users in the living room…My original intent was to help bring back some of the valuable content that the living room contains by bringing to the surface all the sillyness that goes on in hopes to reduce the clutter…

If you wish I won’t rebel against the pointless threads anymore and only stick to those which warrant meaningful discussion…


If you don’t want clutter, then why did you ever click on the living room?

You original intent clearly wasn’t to do this for the good of CDFreaks but to get yourself attention, but I am sure you will find a way to wriggle your way out of that, and although you know this is true, you obviously aren’t going to admit that now.

Sure this would be a cowards way out, but if I where you I would set up a new account (apart from the 3 you have already here) and start fresh, to many people are probably going to remember you only for this with your current account, I nearly did this when I started out here, was a complete dickhead (maybe I still am :p) but decided to stay as who I really am, including the mistakes. If you would wish to stay under the same name, maybe a apology would be in order, but only if you meant it, and truly accept you fucked up, which means no more bullshit justifications of what you did.


ps. Am I turning into the new troll? :confused: This is my first proper flame.


Although I dont contribute in the living room lately, there are many “pointless threads” that are fun just for reading. If they are not your taste then simply don’t click it, as many have told you.


Are you trying to drive users away w/ this comment?

To your surprise I actually have only one account here (Admin’s feel free to check the IP’s if there is any doubt), and I do not intend on creating any new ones…

I believe the best course of action will be to seek discussion of this type some where else, since you all have proclaimed your faith towards nonsense and will undoubtedly continue to fill the LR w/ garbage…


The United Kingdom has a very, very rate of internet subscription and also a very high GNP/GDP per capita. Great welfare system, too, and both small and integrated enough not to leave the millions of minority groups to live on their own miserable conditions. There are still too many people who cannot afford a computer and internet outside the Western world.

But no need to emphasize that on something that hardly causes trouble or adds pain to the miserable.


The best way you can make what you regard as “pointless” to suffer (or even disappear or lose importance) is to do your best to make CDFreaks more helpful and useful by concentrating on what CDFreaks is for. See what M. Spath (ID: spath) said there. He’s not attacked for saying that harshly because he’s helped millions of visitors here and been a very respected participant for years.


Agreed, perhaps I went about it the wrong way…

p.s. Spath r0x0r$…Love his comments…