Users can't change default browser and search engine in new Windows 10 S


The new Windows 10 S doesn’t allow users to choose another default browser or search engine. Users have to use Microsoft’s Edge browser and the company’s Bing search engine, according to a FAQ on the Microsoft website.

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It reminds me of the good old windows7 starter, you couldn’t do much with them either, so you went for the win7 ultimate :slight_smile:
anyhow if you still have thew option to right click and open with another app then i dont see any other problem, a lot of inconvenience but we are used to all this from MS.

I have to say that MS should have figured out by now that their store sucks.

But if for some reason this lite version of windows happens to be a good OS for tablets and other cheap and not powerful enough systems, then soon or later those restrictions will be bypassed.

Good luck to them with Win10 S :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s worse than that, it’s dead Jim… Oh it’s life Jim, but not as we know it :wink:
What do you get when Windows is no longer compatible with Windows as in 10S? Windows is based on the common PE (Portable Executable) format to which most Windows operating systems adhere, but with Windows 10S, Microsoft distance themselves to this format by creating Windows 2.0 which can only run UWP apps which is not compatible with the standard PE format.

What they do is to change the OS fundamentally and sneak in another OS (not Windows) in through the back door and call it Windows without it being compatible with Windows. What you get is less choices in setting it up, less control of your environment, less of everything… Still, even if this is more changes than switching to say Linux which is coming on strong, you are just going to sit there and accept it with a shrug of your shoulders?

Yeah right! Not me, If they want to force me into their proprietary store regime and remove the vast choices I have come to expect as a Windows user, I am moving on. Sure, it’ll ‘only’ cost you about $50 to get the common PE format support back, but it still rings the old familiar alarm bells in my head :astonished:


Really? Windows 10 S is based on Windows 10 S?[quote=“vroom, post:2, topic:398339”]
I have to say that MS should have figured out by now that their store sucks.

Yup. You won’t see me using their store anytime soon.