User Review: Xiaomi (Mi) NDY-02-AD Silver 10400mAh Power Bank



Hi Guys,

Everyone’s always running out of power and it seems like power banks are the one accessory to have. I’ve been running lots of power bank testing and there’s been heaps of good and dud ones out there.

Very recently, I was recommended this Chinese power bank made by Xiaomi, and I put it through its paces, and it was surprisingly good.

The full review can be read here:

It’s cheap too … if you can find one!

  • Gough


They have them in stock but the shipping is more than the item.LOL:D


After a long battle, I’ve managed to get up this review of a [B]fake Xiaomi[/B] power bank. After reading this, you probably won’t want to use your Xiaomi if it’s counterfeit.


I really don’t get why companies bother to produce counterfeit products and do a shoddy job of it. Surely they could make a better product under an unassuming generic brand (while marketing the product as what it is - in this case, a 1 A, 4000 mAh product) and be just as well off?