User Review: HP Stream 8 Tablet - It's cheap, but is it worthwhile?



Hi Guys,

Just wrote up a pretty detailed posting about my recent acquisition of an HP Stream 8 tablet for AU$185. In it, I give some thoughts about the tablet itself, take a look at what it’s made of and whether it represents value for money. Maybe this could be of help to someone who might be interested in a cheap Windows 8.1 tablet …


  • Gough


We got my father a Windows tablet for Christmas - an Asus VivoTab Note 8.

Being able to run a full copy of Windows on a tablet is great - you can actually use a tablet for ‘real’ work. There are a lot of tasks which are still impossible on iOS or Android due to a lack of software - something as simple as transferring data to/from a Garmin serial GPS, or even copying a few files off an optical disc.

The Intel Atom processor is more than up to the job (it can encode video slightly quicker than my 3rd-generation i5 laptop), but I wouldn’t settle for less than 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD + Micro SD slot and an 8" screen.

The desktop side of things is difficult to use with just a finger - a mini-mouse or the Asus’ Wacom stylus make a big difference. But the [S]Metro[/S] Modern side of things still needs a lot of development and the app store is rather underpopulated.

Overall it cannot compete with Android for reading books, watching videos & playing games. But for any real work it is in a different league.

If only someone would produce a dual-boot Android & Windows tablet.

Goes off to search for an Android build which can run on a Windows tablet from a Micro SD card…