User Friendly DVD recorder



What would be a good DVD Recorder. I have an APEX DRX-9000 and once it records I cannot transfer all the VOB files over to the computer. Video programs say the last file is corrupt, but everything plays fine.

I’m looking for a recorder that will allow VOB files to be transferred and edited. Thanks.


Any non faulty DVD Recorder vill do that.
If you want recommendations have a look at Plextor PX-708A and NEC ND-2500.


He’s refering to stand alone DVD recorders, not internal PC models.

I’ve heard allot of good things about the LiteOn 5001.

Find a review on the device here. It did quite well scoring a 94% rating :smiley:

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@ Ssseth:

You can change your mind about the LVW-5001 by visiting the LiteOn Forum here:;act=SF;f=3

I would NOT recommand that unit.


That’s a forum dedicated to problems specific to these drives. Of course there are going to be posts about problems… that’s the point of an IT forum. If you look at the Recording Hardware LiteOn forum (or any other one for that matter) you will see problems as well. Does that mean I don’t recommend LiteOn ODD? Of course not.