User Database question



Does anyone know about the user database put on your system. I’m pretty sure it was put on by Nero, but I seem to have two of them in different folders, so maybe WMP also puts one on your system.

Either way, they seem to contain a lot of files, and I’m wondering if anyone knows how to use them - there doesn’t seem to be any obvious front-end to it, so perhaps it is intended for internal use only.

I could knock up a simple database for my own use, but I’m wondering how I could input all the filenames (mp3’s) without actually having to type them all again. Copying from Windows Explorer would handle the files rather than the names of them. Any ideas please?

As it is at the moment, I can’t even work out how I could print the file details, other than doing multiple screen prints.

Any suggestions would be very welcome, :iagree:
All the best,
Chris P


As I got no responses here, perhaps no-one is interested - but in case you are. I didn’t find an answer to the question, but I did find a great solution to my problem. A piece of software called MP3 Collector Pro from , It does all I wanted and a lot more too. I found another package with the same or similar name (freeware), but that crashed my system before I could even try it.

All the best,
Chris P


Delete both database folders and open Nero Express click on ‘more’ located at the bottom of Nero Express and select ‘configure’ and click on the database tab and delete both the program database path and the user database path s and check the option for read server {http:} click on apply>o.k… and try the process again. Here is a
step by step guide on saving tracks: