***user Cp***admin Help Please

I think I’m posting this in the wrong place but anyway…here i go

everytime i try to upload my pictures which is less then 99kb or less then 200x200 it wont let me, it says ERROR or some crap like that

please help me thanks


this is the message i get everytime when i try to put in hte message

There has been an error in the upload. Please ensure that the file has been correctly selected and that the upload has taken place successfully.


Try putting the name all lowercase, without spaces (eg. “bg_image.jpg” instead of “Bg Image.JPG”)

I moved the thread down here, this is the better place for it :slight_smile:

That error isn’t really clear about what’s going on. I don’t know that error and I don’t have a clue how to solve this, but what I’d try:

  • use an other browser (especially if you’re using a less regular one right now)
  • rename te file to somthing simple like avatar.jpg
  • convert the file to an other format (gif, for example)
  • try some other pic and see if that works out

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

plz post the full text of the error message

Erm - I think he fixed it :bigsmile: Look at his profile - the only place that I can think of that lets 200x200px images.

thank you so much fellas