User access to drives on winxp question

I hope I don’t get in trouble for double posting here, but need answer to question CD Freaks should know. I’m new to WinXP and the question is: do I have to grant administrative rights to my User accounts to allow them to burn movies and CD’s? When I try to open Plextools or any other burning programs, from my users account, it says the drives cannot be found. I have downloaded Nero BurnRights, but don’t know if this will help Plextools, DVD Decrytor and DVD Shrink. I have OEM version of XP, would that make a difference?

Sorry but cross posting is against our forum rules and besides, your problem isn’t related to Plextor so you’re posting in the wrong forum. I will close this thread, if someone wants to reply to mik3’s problem you can post in his other thread.