Usenet newsgroups

can anyone please give me some names of usenet newsgroups where i can download stuff.

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You have to have a newsgroup provider, some isps have their own service, so i’d check into that. If you want to know what was posted where try here: You cannot download files from here, it only indexes NGs so you know what was posted. What you can DL are nzb files which are kind of a cue file to obtain all of the necessary files. Its too much to explain here, i would read the tutorials.

That depends on what you want to download… first like the guy above said, get a binary newsreader. Then use it to filter only the binary newsgroups offered by your ISP,you will see the names of the newsgropus which are fairly self explanatory, or you will quickly see what is what after poking around. for exmaple, alt.binaries.mp3 is pretty obvious.

stay away from the porn groups because you never know what you will download. sick but true that there is still kiddie porn to be found frequently. download that at your own risk. if you are in a public place and someone sees it and they call the cops, off you go to court. stick with the multimedia, movie, games, warez groups…good clean fun.

You learn more about binary newsgroups and downloading binaries from the usenet at:

which is a tutorial on using the binary newsgroups


Anything off the newsgroups that start with ‘alt.binaries’ is probably going to be the way to go.

As suggested before, is a good resource for finding files, and a good usenet provider, such as is also going to be needed.

You will probably need a service something like Giganews to download anything of substance. In fact, Comcast is discontinuing their newsgroup access at the end of this month. There are a few free ways to access Usenet but the bandwidth is limited to just support text reading and posting.

For best price/performance Astraweb is hard to beat :wink:

Giganews is pretty good from my experience if you’re one who likes downloading headers to browse the file listings of massive groups, such as those in alt.binaries… or to get access to older content (up to 240 days). For header downloading, Giganews uses header compression proxy software, which speeds up the downloading of headers by about 10 times. On the other hand, Giganews is quite expensive compared to other providers.

Note that most binary newsgroup readers can only search within the headers of groups you’ve subscribed to and downloaded the headers from. Some others carry out the search online in an online indexing server that retrieves the headers from most popular groups. This saves a lot of time by not having to download any headers, but these programs typically have an annual or monthly cost to use the search facility. For example, Newsrover costs $30 to purchase and then $20 annually to search their online indexing server.

There are a few free web based indexing services which contain the headers of most popular groups. If you find one or more results you’re interested in retrieving, these provide a .NZB file when pretty much any binary newsreader can use to download the actual file(s) this .NZB covers, assuming you’ve a subscription to a Usenet provider that carries the group(s) these files are located in. A few good examples include and Both also let you browse the file contents of the groups they index.

anyway i could get an invite to from someone on here

Have you tried This website also indexes NZBs for files hosted on the majority of newsgroups out there and holds them for up to 240 days to cover the retention period of some providers such as Giganews. Unlike, this site does not require any registration.

Another good Newsgroup search is the Newsrover application, which has the search built-in. It is very useful for finding smaller files on Newsgroups such as audio files. The catch however is that Newsrover requires annual registration ($30 for the first year, then $20 annually).

Note that no matter which newsgroup search provider you use, you will need a subscription to a binary Newsgroup provider to download anything. Your ISP may provide access, so it’s worth checking with your ISP first.

Finally, before anyone else asks here, we no longer permit invitation requests to private forums/websites, as mentioned in this thread.