Usenet gaining favor with pirates due to NZB file software



I just posted the article Usenet gaining favor with pirates due to NZB file software.

 Back before  the days of Napster and Kazaa, the file sharing apps we are so  familiar with today, there was always Usenet or so called "news servers". These  were often your best bet...
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Anybody tried I wondered about it, anybody know what it is like?


Damn!.. and here I thought I was one of the few that new this secret!.. Shhhh! will ya!:stuck_out_tongue:


Oh for FFS! So someone decided that XPAT searches were too cumbersome and decided to save some message-ids in searchable database that allows the search results to be saved in an XML file suffixed with NZB, whoopie f*cking doo! Like WOW, a searchable database that let’s you SAVE the results!! This is a HUGE INNOVATION, absolutely staggering, the business world must be reeling from the implications. They’ll be telling us about this ‘other’ new file format that allows us to archive lots of files into one smaller file next!!


These statistics of newsgroups at newsadmin are wrong. Everybody who is using usenet knows that the largest newsgroups are alt.binaries.boneless and


Bah humbug… What made USENET file possibly in a sane matter is YENC, RAR & PAR2. Yenc - reduced the number of lines by 30% RAR - shrinks the files down really well PAR2 - allows easy repair of missing files/parts Now if some of these popular P2P apps would add USENET searching into their results (via your ISP’s usenet server) and even integrate PAR2 repair, USENET will really explode for leeching.
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The Usenet is far to difficult for most of us to understand. Plus, it is a big waste of time. There is really nothing there except some extremely poor quality and very old mp3’s and maybe a few movies that look really awful. Plus it is really very hard to get it to work right. Everything is compressed several times which means you have to use a lot of different programs to finally get the uploaded file and then it usually is only half there or isn’t really what you thought it was to begin with. Plus, it isn’t free and the price is really high. I advise everyone to stay away from the Usenet. :X




To VioletHue: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…LOLOLOLOLOLO Where you born yesterday ?..HAHAHAHAHA…!!! The Usenet is the biggest place to GET WAREZ…!


Do you understand the word “sarcasm”?


as easy as P2P …lol … not for some of my friends i can’t believe places are publishing articles on this stuff, talk about torrents or something else … sheesh, i hate these attention getters …Slyck had a story mentioning newzbin 9 times in some article about the Star Wars movie being leaked /me slaps his head


I agree… Slyck posted that article with the guy who created Grabit and I posted that products such as these that make Usenet more easily accessible will eventually be it’s demise. It is unfortunate as I access Usenet for a multitude of discussions as well. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that very few people take time to explore Usenet. It’s truly a neat little corner of the net that has stayed relatively static for several years…until now.


Downloading large binaries off Usenet newsgroups is a friggin waste of time. For one thing, a lot of the binaries groups are smothered in spam and useless cross-posted material. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the posts are incomplete and corrupted. Usenet’s primary purpose if for DISCUSSION and I would hate to see the demise of this large network simply because some juvenile P2P users want to use it as a safe haven from the RIAA/MPAA. Those P2P users who want to run and hide should go back to FTP or create their own private networks.


Yeah, USENET sucks donkey balls. It’s full of crappy posts mostly. You think you hate email spam… well try checking usenet messages. Talk about spam flooding. Geez. And those binaries, always problems with them, need to get bunch of programs just to maybe, hopefully be able to reconstruct the file you are looking for, cryptic naming, have no idea if you’re getting all that parts, and then after hours of trying and failing you just lose all the good will you had to watch the damn movie or listen to the damn album. Oh yeah and you have no idea what kind of logs are being kept on the servers… he he you think p2p is easily tracked… well there’s no doubt about that in the usenet world, your access is being tracked whatever they say. I say p2p people, there is hardly any point expecting newsgroups to replace your favourite p2p client. I mean be my guest and enjoy the brain damaging experience of the usenet. Ain;t gonna like it, that’s for sure. There.


I’m reading all the pathetic whining by the little p2p junkie kiddies and I’m just in stitches! Oh, you poor dears. You actually have to use some intelligence when searching to find something of value to you. How terrible it must be to use those brancells that have laid dormant since the Napster generation. The atrophy must be immense and perhaps even irreversible! Usenet has served many of us for a VERY long time and as a general rule, the quality of posts FAR exceeds by quantum leaps the drivel posted by the little pimple-faced wannabes that inhabit the file sharing networks. Better yet, those that come in and attempt to perpetuate the same mediocrity soon find out that no one is prepared to stand for their BS - they get roundly flamed and either get it right or tuck their tails between their legs and run home to momma (read: the file sharing networks). It’s a case of “lurk and learn, get it right, or get the hell out and watch that backswing on your way out the door”. Lord save us from the p2p junkies - after all, we actually value quality. Rubes…
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Usenext - another illegal and la-breaking activity by a german lawyer named Fr. v. Gravenreuth & his criminal co-worker (also a lawyer) Syndikus. I pray for the day when they get finally into jail with a one-way-ticket.


this is excellent news!:d