Useless subtitles



I recently noticed that when you are watching a forum, all threads have subtitles which display the thread starter -AND- the forum they belong to. I think displaying the thread starter is useful, but the forum they have been started in is 100% useless. If I’m in the Copy Protection Forum, I know all the threads there belong to that…

This feature is useful in the Search feature, because it allows you to know where the thread you have searched is located.


So you think its useless and useful? :smiley:


Perhaps you haven’t understood what I meant.

Let’s suppose I’m in the Copy Protection forum and I’m watching the threads… I see:

Thread name
Thread starter, forum the thread belongs to

But if I’m in a forum, I know all the threads there belong to it…

I would cancel this useless feature and keep it only in the search results, because if I search “copy protection” I get tons of threads from all forums and if I want to watch a special one I’d know where it is before viewing it.


i think the extra info is so google searchers can find the thread.