Useless booktype setting with NEC 3500?


Yesterday I noticed the very doubtful NEC singlelayer bitsetting. Indeed every program shows the booktype “DVD-Rom” instead of “DVD+R” after burning with 2.C8 (SE) and 2.F9 (DVD-Rom set), but at least my 166S knows, that this booktype is incorrect.

Let me explain: my 166S is flashed to read DVD+/-R with 14x, the DVD-Rom speed of course stayed at 16x.
-> every DVD+R burned with the 3500 booktype DVD-Rom could only be read with 14x (DVD+R speed!)
-> every DVD+R I burned with my LiteOn 811S masked as DVD-Rom was read with 16x (OK!)
(Nero speed showed always DVD-Rom)

Obviously the NEC bookytpe setting is incomplete. Does this hybrid at least trick standalone players or is this bitsetting completely useless?


What are you using to change booktype for the NEC?

2.C8(SE) autosets the booktype (the burned discs show DVD-Rom). With 2.F9 I used WinBType.exe.

My standalone DVD player only play DVD+R with booktype changed to DVD-ROM. I use 2.C8 firmware on my NEC3500 and the resultant DVD’s play fine on the standalone player.

My DVD-ROM Drive(LG-8160b) don´t play DVD+R . But with firmware 2.C8 with Booktype change to DVD-ROM my drive plays the DVD+R.
The Bitsetting in 2.C8 works fine. :bigsmile:


My Onkyo stand alone will not play +R’s-

With Herries 2.17 firmware hack it reads the booktype reset +R’s just fine-


Does the 2.C8 FW auto bitset SL AND DL media? Is there anything special that I must do upon initial installation of this firmware to ensure autobitset? Thank you for your help.

No. “Auto bitsetting” means; always DVD-ROM booktype. :wink:

Avoid messing with Nero bitsetting function though. Leave it in “current recorder setting”.

Thanks for your help Pinto. Just built a new machine for my brother, as a gift, and since he is not a computer savy individual, I wanted something that was pretty much autopilot.

DVDdecrypter report booktype as DVD+R when disc is inserted with NEC3500 burn.
But both Kprobe/Nero DVD speed show booktype is DVD-ROM.
PS. Discs burn with liteon writer autobitsetting show DVD-ROM in DVDdecrypter.

yes,this is true. And further more, BENQ 1620, Plextor 712 is also the same as NEC 3500.
I think you’d better not draw a conclusion that the NEC bitsetting is uesless just according to a liteon dvdrom,you should try another dvdrom to read those disks burned by liteon and nec burners.
In fact,the bitsetting function of nec burners is useful just because it can resolve the problem that the DVD player only play DVD+R with DVD-ROM BookType.

maybe somebody should have used the search function. it appears certain firmwares for the 166 check to see if the disc is actually a rom or +r and disregard the booktype on +r discs when reading back. a flash back to older firmware makes them read at full speed again.

the thread

the relevant post

A question regarding the auto-bitset feature. Will the drive bitset if something is recorded in DOS mode? I use Ghost to backup my harddrives and was wondering if the + disks would be bitset when burned outside a windows environment.

This doesn’t explain why some readers differentiate DVD+R book-typed as DVD-ROM by Liteon’s from those burned with book type DVD-rom by NECs. I noticed this phenomenon, too.

I have Lite-On LTC-48161H f/w KH0P/KH0Q, speed hacked to read +R/-R at 12x

  1. It reads DVD+Rs burned with bt=DVD-Rom by Liteon 812s/832s at 16x like pressed DVDs.
  2. It reads DVD+Rs burned with bt=DVD-Rom by NEC 2500 & 3500 at 12x like +R & -R disks.

So, it looks like some difference in book type setting between LiteOns and NECs exists.

My Aopen 1648/AAP reads DVD+R discs with DVD-ROM booktype, burned with the NEC ND-3500A that is, at 16x. DVD+R discs without the DVD-ROM booktype as well as DVD-R discs are read at 12x (on default, without the “speed trick”).

Or maybe it is just a function of LITEON dvdplayers? the post of above this one references Aopen as reading as if prepressed.

my guess is that they had to implement some slowdown as their read functions aren’t all that great. for instance my pair of 48161s won’t read fuji -r (ritek g03) that both of my nec2500s will and even my 411s will read flawlessly. (scan below)

if you check reviews one of the consistant refrains on liteon cd and dvd burners is that they have a problem with marginal discs. in fact on some of their cd burners they slow down to 1x to read damaged discs and don’t speed back up when out of the damaged area