Useing Clonecd files

I have a clone cd file that consists of aa Image file, a .Cue file, Bin. file, a .sub file, and a .ccd file. It is for a game. Is there anyway to install these?

What exactly do you want to do? You have two options at this point: emulation or burning.

Either as long as I can get the game to work; lets try emulating?

clonecd doesn’t produce .bin or .cue files.

It did on this, and now back to the first replyer?

CloneCD don’t make these files - never did, never will (unless SlySoft decides to add more support).

Back to you!

Lol, alright. Well, then I have a set of files that belong to a game. I don’t have anyinfo other then it claimes they were made by clonecd. Is there anyway to use these files to make the game work?

What exactly do you mean? Did you make this image or download it? What is it of?

I downloaded the file from P2P program, it was in an achive, and when I opened it it had those files in it. They’re supposed to go to a game. The image file won’t open, but it comes up as an image file.

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