Useing Clone Mode Platinum

Doing a little practice useing the different modes in Platinum to see if I can do them. The first problem I ran into is useing the Clone Mode. You would think by putting in a DVD that was made with DVDFab would copy useing the clone mode. Everytime I tried I would get Task_1 Failed! Error=102. This is a reading error. Fab can’t read it’s own burn? Can anyone help with this.


Hi Camper. I would try it first with a regular commercial DVD and see if it will read that. Copies made at high burn speeds sometimes do not read well. Does the copy you are trying to read play OK?

Hi camper,

Agree with signals.
I just tried it to be certain it wasn’t a version glitch…using v. Beta.
Worked just fine, both from a bkup disc and from the hdd.

A peculiar and unrelated side note. I’ve been getting an error message “failed” at the end of every clone process now for quite a number of versions. It has not failed, the files are fully intact and the discs play everywhere… :confused:
Rather than chase my tail, I prefer…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I never burn over 6 or 8. Maineman, you say you get this at the end, I can’t even get started.

I’m still haveing problems useing Clone Mode. I put in the previous copied movie and then the blank disk in writer. Everything looks good, then I click on start and get the blank disk is single layer, insert dual layer. The movie is on a single layer disk. What am I doing wrong.


Hi Camper. Try increasing the DVD5 size adjustment in Common Settings–>Write. If it is set too low, DVDFab will not be able to fit all the data from a commercial SL DVD to a DVDR blank and will tell you to put in a DL. If it is still set at the default 4300 MB, try increasing it with the drop down selector (select “Custom”) to 4464 MB. If that is still not enough, try the other default in the drop down which is 4472 MB. You will need to use quality blank media (and a reasonable burn speed) as this size setting pushes the burn far out to the edge of the blank disc.

Camper, was the disc you made made in full disc, custom or main movie?. Was it SL or DL? also was it an ISO?

Signals, I’m trying to make another copy from a copy, which is on a single layer disk. I’m useing 4350 setting. If I increase this, will I be able to go.


If the copy was a SL then 4464 should work fine. Give it a try and post back if you still have problems.

Hi camper,

Signals is exactly on target with his advice (as usual!).
Sorry, I assumed wrongly that you were cloning to DLs.
It’s been a while since I fooled around with clone mode, but I seem to recall noting a slight expansion of file size when cloning a bkup.

I don’t have much time this weekend, but here’s an example.
Pan’s Labyrinth:

Video_TS = 4,666,357,760 bytes
Audio_TS = 0 bytes

Clone of Bkup:
Video_TS = 4,667,473,920 bytes
Audio_TS = 0 bytes
Configuration Settings: Size = 50 bytes, Size on disc = 4096 bytes

Signals, Maineman, yes changeing to 4464 did the trick. Thanks very much Signals.

Glad it worked out! My good friend Maineman continues to overestimate my abilities.:slight_smile:

I had this come up a few days ago, I had never used clone mode and was using it to make another copy of one I had made with DVDFab. Clone mode makes an ISO and it was slightly larger than the disc. Since I had the setting on the first at 4472 I couldn’t burn to a SL using clone mode. Swithed to full disc and made the copy. I’m not sure I understand why the ISO is larger and I’ve never used an ISO. Wish I knew about these things. Love DVDFab and the Froum. Most of my mistakes, I can figure out, and if not can find the answer somewhere in the forum.

i think that when you make a backup there needs to be so much ‘extra space’ at the end of disk to perform finalizing or whatever. so for example if you make a backup to a SL disk, say at 4300 MB, then the total size is actually slightly larger. then to clone your backup dvd you will need the original 4300 MB plus extra for ‘configuration settings’. to see this use main movie to backup your main movie backup dvd and you will get less than 100% quality. so by increasing the dvd-5 size you are allowing room for the ‘extra stuff’. this is just a shot in the wind, but sounds good to me. maybe fengtao will have some say in this.

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was hoping someone smarter than me would comment on this so as i could see how faroff, or close, i was on this one.