Useing CDBurnerxp



A few days back I asked a question about putting 200 mp3’s on a 700mb disk and I was told I had to use a “Data” program, which it converts instead of .wav to mp3ud or something like that. I downloaded CDBurnerxp and it worked good for the mp3’s that were on my hard drive but when I go and put a regular cd(i.e. joe satriani) I can’t save it anywhere to be retrieve by CDBurnerxp…it says there is a different file letter at the end of the store bought cd. Could anyone tell me how to go about transferring the songs on my hard dive so that CDBurnerxp can retrieve them? Thank you, Mike Kennedy


You need to rip/copy to your HDD first…Try CDex, EAC, dBpowerAmp,etc…WMP(yikes!) I spose!..