Usefull tools

Hi all,

The tool DVD-imager is very usefull in combination with DVD2oneX
Burn the generated image with the Burn command in Disk Copy, no need for Toast.

Check it out at:


why make a image :confused:

make a VIDEO_TS dir, copy te files that’s come’s out of dvd2one in that dir.

and then make with Prassi a data dvd with the VIDEO_TS folder and a (empty) AUDIO_TS folder .

and burn :smiley:

safe the time to make a image for a nother dvd rip :bigsmile:


Prassi for the MAC ??


hehehe i didn’t read the X behind dvd2one




Its like pants and a dress. The PC version has pants and the MAC version X has a dress. Its all good though…


If you have Toast you can also skip the imaging part…
But Toast is not free, diskcopy comes with OS X and DVD-imager is free.
Use what you like.