Useful online resources for DVD Writing Issues

I would like to use this thread to list as many useful URLs as possible about issues that concern DVD writing, so that all endusers who visit this BTC Forum can find the information they need fast.

Thanks in advance for sharing your URLs !

I would like to start with the most obvious ones:

BTC Firmware Updates and Supported Media Codes:

It’s in German, but it’s a great resource for finding media. You can use this site to identify your media (find MID codes), etc.

BTC Europe Support

After filling in the MID code or manufacturer, etc., you can compare your experiences with other endusers and add your experiences if you want to.

Do keep the site’s disclaimer in mind, though:
“We can Not guarantee that this list is 100% correct and don’t forget to read the user comments for more info about each media.”

BTC Europe Support

Link update:


Media Support list

BTC Europe Support

None of your links work!!!

check your firewall man, they all work!

Date: 02. July 2005 - non of the provided links are working any longer, since BTC has removed all pages and support for the DVD-Burners on their page.
It looks to me, like they intend to “wipe out” all indicators for ever having produced and sold DVD-Burners - that is the crown of customer-support :frowning:

People, be sure to keep the name and brand “BTC” in mind and for what that “Brand” stands for - since they are producing also other stuff…

Hello, Marco. What is the new link for firmware updates? My 1004 has never produced reliable DVDs, except for when they are written at single speed. The drive has been used in 3 different PCs, and with a variety of disks, including those recommended by BTC. Those that are completed at 2x speeds usually only work once or twice before becoming unreadable with crc errors. Perhaps the latest firmware will improve things?

Hello and welcome at CD Freaks,

sorry to say but I haven’t seen marco online for month. You can find the latest firmwares for your drive over at I hope this helps to solve your problems ;).


Has Marco been fired? I have an issue with a DVDRW drive and was hoping he could add his comments. :slight_smile: