Useful iMessage Tips



The Messages app is probably one of the most frequently used apps on your iOS device. It’s the most common place to send text and multimedia messages, and it’s also packed with advanced features for managing conversations. We’ll show you how to be an iMessage master so that you can communicate faster and better with your iPhone and iPad. This guide will walk you through the new iMessage and text features on the iPhone and iPad.

Check the list of tips that will let you take advantage of all of the features of Messages and iMessage.

Group Messaging

Group conversations are listed by participants’ names; you can assign a label. Tap Details (top right of conversation), and swipe down to reveal a field above the list of participants, then type a label such as “Reunion.” Swipe right to left on a name to reveal a Delete button; tap this to stop them receiving contributions. Tap Add Contact to add more people to the conversation.

Share Your Location

When meeting someone, tap Details and look under Location. You can share your current location or share your live location for a period of time — an hour, end of the day, or indefinitely. When you receive a location, tap the map to view it fullscreen. Choose walking or driving directions and tap Start, or tap Apps to find navigation apps that will help get you there.

Mute a Conversation

Notifications can become a distraction. Tap Details (top right of the conversation) to turn on Do Not Disturb. This doesn’t turn on Do Not Disturb for everything on your iPhone, as the switch of that name in Control Center does – it mutes only this conversation. You’ll still receive messages so you can catch up later, and at any time you can turn this switch off again.

Block Senders

A sender of unwanted messages can be blocked by tapping the “i” next to their name, then Block this Caller. This also prevents FaceTime and phone calls from that person. You can review everyone you’ve blocked under Settings > Messages > Blocked, and unblock them if necessary by tapping Edit, then the red minus button next to their details.

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