Useful Commands

This is one for the bookmarks.

they misspelled xcopy heh

but alot of those commands dont work the same in xp or 2k or might not even exist (like debug)

yes, these are all listed possible commands, but not specified to which O/S some are limited to.

Nonetheless, still a very informative list, especially for beginners, IMO anyway.

one of the good things about growing up in the DOS days are that i know the syntax of pretty much all those commands by heart

Also if a command doesn’t work as listed there try doing it with the /? switch

(ie do format /?) it will usually show you the syntax as well as the other switches it does (though some have hidden switches like fdisk with its /mbr command to rewrite the master boot record)

Yes I too grew up in days of DOS but many visitors here didn’t.

Also the /? switch is only useful if you know the command itself.

Some simply don’t know FC (File Compare) but it can be very useful, especially when comparing sectors on protected games…etc…

I think its a rather useful bookmark, especially for GUI people.

fc = diff? i didnt grow up in the dos days - unix junkie