Used wrong FW, now my 1008 Won't read or burn CDs

I’ve been using an IDE1008 with my external firewire enclosure for a while now until recently I wanted to update the firmwre. The IDE update for the 1008 didn’t work since I was using an external enclosure. I then tried using the USB1008 FW and worked. Everything was fine except when I tried burning/reading CDs off this drive. It wouldn’t recognize any cds I load into the drive at all. I’ve updated the drive to the latest 0059 FW but it still won’t read any CDs. To my desperation, I’ve even took out the drive out of the enclosure and connected it to my computer via IDE and then tried to update using the IDE1008 FW but it didn’t work. Please help!

Hi and welcome here at CDFreaks,

have you the same problems with DVDs?
is your drive recognised in device manager?

Hi H3rB3i

Thanks for the greetings.

So far, I’ve had no trouble with DVDs only with CD reading and burning. My drive is recognized in device manager and has no problems there.

I’ve made a typo for the FW version it’s 0159

Thanks for your help!

Thanks to H3rBi3’s tutorials I was able to flash my drive to and IDE 1008-0159 FW. However my drive still won’t read CDs. Anyone have the same problem?

Sorry i’ve no ideas anymore but I can remeber that i’ve read some posts here from people who had similar problems and the only solution for them was to exchange the drive.
I would suggest you should do it in the same way, if your dealer is not willing to change the drive contact Marco_BTC or the BTC support for an exchange.

I have the same firmware update problem!! It was IDE0258 but I updated to USB0159. Trying to flash it back in DOS mode but stuck at 0%. Now my computer can’t recognize this drive and I even can’t open it. Can someone help me to get my drive back to work?

Hi and welcome here at CDF,

too bad to hear that your drive is dead, but you can try the following.

[li]set both of your optical drives to master
[/li][li]connect the power supply (both drives)
[/li][li]connect the IDE cable to the working DVD/CD-ROM/RW
[/li][li]boot up your pc into DOS
[/li][li]disconnect the IDE cable from the DVD/CD-ROM/RW and connect the BTC drive
[/li][li]flash the drive in DOS

hope this works for you :wink:

Hi, H3rB3i,

Thanks for your instructions. I connected a CD-RW drive to 2nd IDE master and follow your steps. After boot into DOS, I used MTKFKASH to flash my 1008IM drive. It showed “ERR: input file format mismatched” and stop flashing at 0%. Can you help…

Which firmware and command have you used?

For secondary master try the following commands:

MTKFLASH 3 /w /b /m name_of_the_file.bin --> for *.bin files
MTKFLASH 3 /w /m name_of_the_file.hex --> for *.hex files

Also, which version of MTKFLASH are you using? if it’s 1.80.1 you can also have problems, in this case I would suggest to try 1.80. 1.80 has always worked for me.

Hi, H3rB3i,

Many thanks for your help and I restored my drive back to IDE1008 with firmware 0159. I got a zip file that said can recover my IDE1008 firmware from bad flash. This zip file includes MTKFLASH 1.80 along with 16 hex files, and I think these hex files may be the root cause.
After downloaded MTKFLASH 1.83c and firmware 0159 bin file, now my drive is back to work (at least it can read, haven’t tried buring yet). Many thanks again and it really feels good to get it back working. Now I can have a good night sleep without worring how to fix it. You the best.

good to hear :slight_smile:

Sounds like good excuse to upgrade to me…