Used SH-S202J test

Hello, I have a question, please help. Recently I have bought an used Samsung SH-S202J from a computer shop, I want to make sure that the laser is still fine then I tested the drive with Nero CD-DVD Speed, could you guys tell me anything wrong or slow with it? Here are the test results: (The drive’s original firmware is SB00, I flashed it to SB03, tested with a 60mins no scratch pressed audio CD)
-Speed: 15-36x CAV (26.95x average)
-DAE Quality: 10
-Random access: 96ms
-1/3 access: 105ms
-Full access: 177ms
-CPU usage 1x:0% 2x:1% 4x:2% 8x:5%
-Interface burst rate: 26MB/sec
-Spin-up time: 2.18 secs
-Spin-down time: 2.28 secs
-Eject time: 1.68 secs
-Load time: 1.10 secs
-Recognition time: 9.30 secs

Another question, is this drive’s correct EAC read offset is 6 (I tried dectect read offset correction in EAC but it returned 0) and the correct write offset is -6 ? (I tested burn then rip a CD with both read & write offset above then compare the WAV in EAC it shows nothing different)

the correct offset is +6. I have the same drive.