Used Read Buffer in Nero 8 not showing


I have just installed Nero 8 on Windows 7 since my preferred old Nero 6 doesn’t work on this OS. I have noticed that the Used Read Buffer scale is not shown in Nero 8. Can this be switched on from somewhere in the software or this feature was completely removed?


I didn’t know Nero8 would install on Win7. Nero 9 is supposedly their “earliest working version on Win7”, and that was a bit flakey.

But I’d doubt that Win7 would disallow the Buffer Read display gauge by itself although that’s possible - the gauge might be some Windows-Call applet and if Nero8 is using a differently-spelled applet-name, then that gauge wouldn’t show. “Program incompatibility” in that case would be “names have been changed to protect New Versions from Old” - it’s a rather infamous technique for programmers to boost sales of newer products. Grrr…

If you’re only looking for Nero Burning software, the Nero Burning Express 12 is sometimes on sales for $12-15, and there’s a free Nero Burning Express 10 out on the web, too. The differences between those two are minor - the newer paid-for versions use Multi-Cores better… supposedly…

Nero 8 ( installed fine and works as expected here in Win-7 Pro 64. Read buffer is also functioning. You do need to install the “BD-HD Plugin” if you wish to burn either of those. I’m not sure why the read buffer would be MIA. I have Ultrabuffer set to “automatic” here.

I have noticed that the Used Read Buffer scale is visible in Nero Burning ROM 8 but not visible in Nero Express 8. Is this a problem on my end or it is supposed to be this way?