Used dvddecypt with instant copy very good quality



did my 1st good back up of a dvd with dvd-9 used dvddecryper then instant copy,very long over 3hrs but the results are amazing quality. 1 thing which instant copy users may know and i found out by luck was instant copy automaticaly does all the work for follows,imaged with dvddecrpter,opened iscopy under source i chose hdrive to recover my image, clicked on my folder dont know why but instead of letting me configure it went straight to dvd image to already put in a dvd-r the file was over 6gs long and i thought blast it wont fit on the 4.7gb,any way at the end it automatically got it down to 3.959.76mb and burnt a successful dvd which i played on my dvd player with exellant quality.i will try this method again and save time editing audio and video out to fit it down to say 4.31gb.colin