Used Buffer and DVD Buffer fluctuating @ Nero

When I burn a disc in Nero, the buffer dances wildly, is this a problem?
A: NO, not normally, this happens with most new 16X DVD writers, on the NEC drive this is normally caused by the drives AOPC system recalibrating the optics and laser power as the burn progresses. This system is also used to grade media and determine if the burn should continue at a faster speed or slowed down to preserve burn quality.

Fuji 8x DVDR +R ( TY 02 )
burnt @ 12x and 16x
TDK flashed with Liggy’s firmware
Normal IDE Flat Cables
HDD defragged and Writer connected at IDE master

I have read the FAQ above and the used buffer and the writer buffer really fluctuate quite a bit even I didn’t multitask when I’m burning. Just wondering if it’s really normal.

Used buffer would sometimes dropped to about 10% and same as for Writer Buffer but both doesn’t occur at the same time. Occurences to burn a 4.4gb DVD would be say about 8x in total.

Burn is succesful though. Thanks a lot! Just need some assurance or shall I send it back for RMA?

Drive buffer fluctuation is normal. Read buffer dropping is not normal, but it has nothing to do with the burner. If the read buffer is dropping under 90%, then you have a problem with your HD or system settings/configuration. I’m not sure what you mean by “used buffer”.

The used buffer refers to the top, the writer’s buffer(2mb) refers to the one at the bottom.

I have only 1 DVD burner and 1 HDD(SATA), both using master. Any settings that I might have missed?

possible spyware or virus?, my used read buffer used to go up and down like crazy. until i got rid of 2 trojans.

As long as the burners buffer does not approach zero, then your fine. Read buffer fluctuations are okay, but once again should not approach zero.

Make sure you have the latest sata drivers for your board, and the highest UDMA value is set for the burner. How are the quality test on your burned media? If its good then you have nothing to worry about.

How long has it been since you defragged the hard drive?