Use two DVD burners?

I current use DVD X Copy Express with a stand alone CSS remover. I was wonder if I buy another DVD Burner for my computer, would I be able to just stick my movie in one DVD Burner and back it up on my second DVD Burner, with out it downloading to my computer first and then burning it to my DVD burner ?

There is one disadvantage to that, Copy protection. If you rip to the HD first this will give you a chance to make sure your image is clean before you rip to disk.

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Wow, still using dvdxcopy by 321 studios, huh. Well, I guess what the hell, if it does what you want.
The short answer is yes. If I recall correctly, I believe I was able to load both discs and walk away. I’m pretty sure that it will copy to a temp file on your hdd regardless, but the two drive process should work.


I use two burners all the time on both machines-

I also have AnyDVD in combination with DVDfab Express and backup about ten movies a week - with no coasters, etc

The ripping/reading drive sends to a temp file on the hard drive and the burn drive takes from the temp file and burns to disc-

Burning ‘on the fly’ creats questionable results and unreliable burns - at least in my direct experience-

My total cycle time is from 20 to 35 minutes - depending on the original material-

Thanks guys for the help.