Use those old commodore's again!

Why yes , now you can browse on your commodore.

Think of the electricity you save ! :slight_smile:

Or convert your C64 to a webserver (oooh !)

More info , click here

Hehe nice… I remember seeing a webserver on a GBA, but I never thought they could get that working on a 1Mhz system :slight_smile:

It’s really good to read that some people are still using that old, wonderful machine and it’s even better to see what’s possible with it… just great!

(too bad it’s that slow)

Damn it might be time to drag that old commodore out of storage.
The last time I hooked it up, it still worked and that was last year.

So is that a desktop theme or what?? Now I m really curious to know if it works or not???

After looking at the web page where those screenshots are located at, I AM going to resurrect it.