Use the LGE 4480B only for writing, not reading

I have an LGE 4480B CDRW+DVD combo drive.

I have had too many problems after burning backup images. The resulting CD can not be readed in my 4480B, where I burned the image.

But, if I put the same CD in another CDROM drive, the CD works really fine.

I verified this using cdcheck( and now I know that my drive does not work well for reading CDR that have a backup image burned in it.

Thanks to this forums, I found the problem, after burning 7 CDs and thinking that my drive was a complete garbage.


How recent did you get the burner? Maybe you can take it back,get one that best suits your needs…like a Plextor

I got it in may/2003, my firmware revision is 1.00.
Will see if I can RMA it.


You could try updating the firmware.

Originally posted by dhc014
You could try updating the firmware.

Many thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I got another problem. I buyed a Samsung 48x CDR and is detected as 40x only :frowning: