Use the "cache network files" option with COM?




I am writing an application that will write files from a network location to a DVD. Normally, due to the underrun protection features present in all newer writers, it is not a big problem that network bandwidth is limited at some times.
However, I saw that this underrun protection sometimes doesn’t work correctly, due to firmware problems in the writer. That’s why I want to present the option “cache network files” to the users of my application, just like in Nero Burning Rom. However, I cannot see how I must enable this option using Nero COM objects. Does anyboy known how I can enable this option in my application ? Is it available for the Nero SDK users, or only for the Nero Burning Rom users ?

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I do not believe this option is provided, but it is trivial to impliment yourself - merely copy the files to a temp directory on the hard drive first