Use space at cd's which where incorrectly burned on Nero



A few months ago, my drive began to crete oasters when burning audio CD’s with nero. It would start, and then would give an error in the middle of the disc. I solved the problem. Well, circunvented it.
Now i have a dozen or so semi burned cd’s with some space, and I would like to use this space. I don’t mind losing the audio (it is lost anyway) but how do I start a new session on these cd’s? I know that easy CD creator could do that, but I don’t have it anymore. Any other program can record on what is left of virginity from a semi-burned audio CD?


I don’t think this is possible, sorry.


Don’t try this. Discs are 10 cents each. Suck it up.


OK, Gurm, they aren’t that cheap here in Brazil, but isn’t really so much of a waste. They would be useful, however, to burn backups of small folders, a job I can (and actually do) better with RW’s, but don’t want to waste landfill space with anused CD’s, anyway.
The discs I could reuse with EasyCdCreator were used to burn mp3’s to listen on the road. They would go to bin after a few weeks, but I felt that they were, well, used.
Or maybe I just shuld call a Psychiatrist, to solve this issue :slight_smile:

Do you know if the latest version of EasyCdCreator can do it?? As I said earlier, previous ( I think it was 3.something) could.


I understand your reasons for doing it, but it really can’t be done. Even if it could, it would be so fraught with problems that you’d just piss yourself off and do three burns to just get one that “sort of” works. And that’s IF you can do it, which I doubt.

Or maybe I just shuld call a Psychiatrist, to solve this issue :slight_smile:

That sounds like a better plan. :wink: