Use (parts of) your 6650 reverse ATA tool for 7550?



Good Morning,

as quite a newbie I studied a lot in order to solve this master/slave problem my Toshiba T9100 has with the latest NEC slimline drive ND-7550A. Unfortunately you don’t have your Reverse ATA tool, which seems to avoid soldering, for this drive - but for the 6650 model.

So let me ask you: Is your tool (maybe in parts or by changing the bat-files) also usable for the 7550 drive? I figure I don’t need other firmware changes but the reverse setting to avoid the IDE Error and make the drive visible.

Thanks a lot


Right now, the answer is “no”. Do not attempt it. But in time…


First of all, it’s NOT my tool. It’s made by NEC and I just modified it to make it work from reverse to normal ATA again.

I now have everything needed for 6750 master and slave. I’ll investigate this stuff and maybe it’s possible to change it for 7750 and 7751 drives. No 6751 data available at the moment.


Thank you, Chipster. I’ll keep looking.
Have a nice evening everybody… guess this thread is closed with the answer.


Thank you, too, Liggy.

If I can supply any support with the non-working (but physically available) 7750 drive, I’ll be ready to get your instructions what to do in order to help you back… this more or less to show my good will, since my knowledge level isn’t quite high (on that issue :-)) I’ll keep watching.

Have a nice evening.


See my tip on your other thread…