Use Old Power Supply

Good Day, eh?

I’m wondering if I can use an old power supply withouit having it connected to a motherboard?

What I want to do is use the same AC connection for both PS’s to build a unit, using the old PS strictly for powering drives, and all data, etc would be connected to the motherboard. It seems a waste to not use these drives when they are perfectly ok.

Think about an external drive, but with 2 IDE HDD, and 2 CD-RW, only connected to the mainboard with expansion cards I already have, and a motherboard the has the capacity.

I bow to the guru’s who know this stuff.:bow:

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Sure it can be done. One the main power connector of the PSU it has two wires one should be to turn the PSU on and the other is needed as a check to make sure the PSU is connected to a load.

Their are a lot of guides out their, Here is one. Use google and search for ‘how to wire dual power supplies’.

Honestly, you trying to connect more HDD’s and CD drives, that you may or may not need. The easiest thing to do would be to use the more powerful PSU and just get a better case to accommodate them. Also a second PSU will also waste more electricity and add more room noise.

Beware of voltage difference between both PSUs. If connected there can be a nasty current.