Use old atx case for nubuild?

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OK, pour a cup of coffee,(or whatever) be patient,and try to understand all my long-winded jargon, as I am not a CPU technical wizard. I am somewhat perplexed on how to go about rebuilding a new,updated computer.

I have about a four year old CSCOMET ATX Computer case with a 300W PSU I purchased at pcinfinity online. it was pretty much ready to go except I installed a few Cd ROMs,and PCI cards…Well, The ECS (Eliteboard) Motherboard failed and I have been using my friends Compaq with an ATHLON 1.2 GHz with 256 pc100 SDRAM,and so looking forward to rebuild a new, faster, and updated computer.

With newer hardware (Hard drives,Cd-ROMs, pci-e cards,More powerful CPU’s)…
The main Question is:
Is it necessary to purchase a brand new ATX case, or will a 600W PSU fit into my old existing case, and just add more fans? I would like this new system to be energy efficient if possible,but not overheated. Or just bite the bullet and buy a new case with power supply already installed.

Reuse my old cd-ROM drives, an 80 GB hard drive, or do they also become obsolete with use of new Mobos?

I stripped everything off the old Mobo except my power and LED plugs.

I have two 3.5" bays (one for Floppy and the other maybe for a front USB,A/V input, since the original case did not come with it,only a floppy space)
I also have Four regular slots for CD-ROM drives.
I have a case side fan, The PSU has a fan, the CPU should have a fan and I think there are case holes to insert more fans.

How many fans are necessary for a cool environment when I’m thinking about a 600-650w PSU, One,maybe two 120 GB Hard drives-internal, one CDROM and one DVD-RW, Intel E 6600 CPU, One PCI-E card,maybe a sound card if not onboard,and an E-Sata plug in for an external hard drive to store all the data and use the main hard drive for Applications?

There are sites I can go to to check the wattage needed,but maybe someone could give me an idea about my case. Also Looking for onboard e-sata in the back of Mobo. (I heard it was maybe faster than USB2.0 on the External hard drive. So when I buy an external,I was told to make sure it has both e-sata and USB connections)

When my Mobo crashed before, First I thought it was my PSU,I replaced four fans and every time, the fans would spin,then shut off. I jumped the power button switch on the Mobo and the fans started and stopped. the con census was that the Mobo crashed.

I would hate to go through all this, then have the power switch button fail, that’s the only reason why I thought I should buy a new case,and also the 80 or 120mm fans.

Thank you all so much for your patience!:bow:

Your ATX case should still be fine. If you wanted somthing newer looking it would only be around 45-100. One reason to upgrade a case is if the current one is using 80mm fans, they tend to be louder than the newer cases using 120mm fans.
Case 45bucks Case 50bucks

You would only need a 600w PSU if you were running two video cards. A 4-500W psu is more than enough. If your not a gamer then a qualtiy 3-400W psu is fine.

The e6600 cpu is now considered old. Get the e6750 or similar. If you want to try a quad core cpu, look at the x3210, x3220, or q6600 they are all excellent.

CD-rom or ODD’s drives don’t usually go bad, but the lense can usually get a bit dirty and will impact performance, cleaning can be done with a q-tip and isoproply alcohol /rubbing alcohol/. An old HDD although is worth replacing, If its several years old then junk it. If you think its still fine, then use it to store music or pictures or somthing.

Good advice Eric and I agree that a new case with 120 mm fans would be quieter and move air more efficently than the 80MM fans and for the price a new case is well worth it.

Sounds like a pretty standard midi tower, so it could be used for a current ATX setup.

The other alternative is to get a case with PSU, but the PSU quality may be highly suspect at the lower levels, even down to downright lies about the capacity such as a 330W (by any realistic ratings) being quoted as a 480W.

You probably need to be looking at a case/PSU combo from a reliable name in PSUs, to be sure of getting a decent PSU. For slightly less demanding applications you must compare the rated 12v output, to gauge what it SHOULD be capable of if that rating is honest. Many 400-500W cheapies have only a 300-350W class rating on the 12V, as many of them ARE merely over-rated 300W units.