Use of Satellite Dish



I recently moved into a house and the previous owner left a satellite dish behind on the roof (about 1 to 2 years old). Is it possible to use this with some type of receiver to receive standard commercial broadcasts?

Up-to-date links would be helpful or some sort of guide.



If its a Dish or DirecTV unit, it’s worthless for anything else. You [I]could[/I] replace the LNB for using the dish with some other receiver. Both Dish and DirecTV consider their dishes to be disposable and do not collect them when you move.


It’s a DishNetwork 500 w/ 2 LNB’s. So u are saying these LNB’s can’t be used w/ anykind of receiver for commercial broadcasts?

Who, what, where could I purchase a more suitable LNB? what kind of receiver, etc.

thanks in advance for your help/ regards.