Use of NeroLINUX via command line?


is there a way to use NeroLINUX via command line ?
Or is there any other way to use its burning capabilities
from within my own programs ?
I read
in the hope to find an answer on my own. No luck.

I am not a user of Gnome or KDE. So if there are GUI
automating standard tools, i would appreciate a hint.
(Would NeroLINUX run with fvwm2 as Window manager ?)

Background :

My backup project
currently uses cdrecord, growisofs, or cdrecord-ProDVD
for burning preformatted images. Preferrably on the fly,
i.e the image data are streamed into standard input of
the burner program. But it can work with an intermediate
image file on hard disk, too. The image format is not
restricted to ISO9660, but may also be afio or derived
formats with inner redundancy.
Checksum data get appended to the images (in the hope
that all readers ignore any trailing data).

scdbackup is not another K3B or XCDroast but rather
a frontend to formatters (mkisofs, afio,…) and burners
(cdrecord, growisofs) which enables large multi-volume

I would like to add an adapter for use of NeroLINUX, but i
got neither MS-Windows nor a registered version of Nero.
So after learning about eventual automated use of Nero i
could need somebody willing to test that adapter.
Readiness to use software without GUI would be a necessary

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


NeroLINUX is not yet available as a command line tool.