Use of DL DVD's as single layer

I purchased 25 DVD+R DL disks and am having problems successfully recording with them. My question is whether I can burn them as single layer? If so would their compatibility with standalone DVD players be just as good as DVD-R media. I burned one with Nero and noticed that it set the type to DVD-rom and I don’t know what this means. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks

Which brand of DL disks did you buy? It would be a shame to waste some Verbatim that way. Use DVD Identifier and tell us the mid code on these disks. Also, more details on which burner, burning program, and burning speed would help. Are you backing up dvd video, or just data?

Most modern burners will bitset DVD +R DL disks to DVDRom in order to increase compatibility with stand alone players.

They are Ridata DVD+R DL, I think the code you asked for is “Ritek 04”. Burner is LG GGW-H20l, I have Led Zeppelin Disc 1 & 2 in DVD( “VIDEO_TS”)files. I’ve burned them to DVD-r and they work fine except they have been reduced in size by half. I thought I’d like to get full quality by using DL but when I burned one of them to a disc with Nero It burned ok and played on the PC in Power DVD ok but When I tried it in my Samsung BD-P1400 I get the “Can’t read this Disk” error. I tried burning with Imgburn and about 2/3 through it quit with some kind of write error. I didn’t try a third since I don’t need any more coasters.

Correction, I tried to burn an ISO in imgburn, I made the iso with UltraIso from the “VIDEO_TS” files

I don’t know how these discs have been ripped to your hard drive. I normally rip the whole disc to my hard drive with DvdFab HD Decrypter, (free). Here is something that might help burning the VIDEO_TS files.

Ritek S04 DL disks are not a great choice for double layer media. Some drives seem to be able to handle them ok, but I don’t think they would be outstanding in any case.

If you want to try this again, you should get Verbatim brand DL +R disks.

I just burned a successful disc using Imgburn and burning DVD files instead of the iso. If I create an iso using imgburn instead of Ultraiso is there anything I need to do to create an iso for DL media as opposed to SL?

Also does it matter where the Verbatims are made?

No, you can build an ISO with ImgBurn for DL media without having to do anything extra. If you are making an ISO for a commercially made dvd-video, it will have to be decrypted first, since ImgBurn doesn’t decrypt anything.

Most will tell you to look for Verbatim DL made in Singapore. I haven’t used any from India, so I can’t judge their quality these days

Thanks for the help