Use NeroCOM to make a reusable VB Module

I want to make a module using VB 6 to Burn Cd’s. The first problem I’m having is not being able to use Withevents in the public part of the module. I understand in order to use withevents in a public module you have to create a class. If anyone knows a way around that it would be much appreciated. Right now I’m Dimming the Public variables in the public part of the Main Form.
Ok the next and probably the most important part is if there is a better tutorial for NeroCOM. I was hoping for something a little more comprehensive than the PDF. Any help would be great.

I think there is no way around because you cannot declare WithEvents variables in a standard module. You can declare them only in class modules, form modules, and other modules that define classes.

So, why you wouldn’t like to use a class module?