Use Neo 6.0 with ND-3500A



I just bought a NEC ND-3500A and used Neo Buring Rom 6.0 to burned a DVD-R. It was OK. Since the DVD-R is 8X from fuji Film, I can only burn the DVD at 8X. I was wondering if I can change the writing speed to 16X while using the 8X disk?

Any help is appreciated!


My guess is that you could probably do it with a firmware flash (assuming that 16X is a stable and good burn).


I search the web, somebody said one good thing about this Drive is it can burn 8X media with 16X, but how? Certainly Neo can not do it, since in the drop down box, I can only see 8X max.


yes, neo CAN do it because he knws the matrix. However, if you use Nero and a nice fw flash, it should burn @12x or 16x


ok, have anybody tried? this website has all the firmwares, but which one? there is no mention on increase writing speed for DVD+=R?


What is the Manufacturer ID of the DVD? TYG02 or PRODISC F01?


It is PRODISC F01. (from DVDinfo tool)


U need a hacked FW and can achieve 12x with that disc. U can use Quikee2’s 2.28 v3b3 to achieve this. It can be found by clicking here.

In the Future u might want to try Fuji 8x +r (Made In Japan only) these are TY TO@ and will burn at 16x with stock FW.


Even with stock NEC firmwar (2.18) you can burn Fuji (TY G01) DVD+R
8X at 16X speed with no trouble at all.


Hmm, to start with TYG01 is DVD-R (dash) media, and they will only burn at 8x max when on 2.18 stock firmware.

54 59 47 30 31 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 52 01 -> [TYG01       ] 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0


BTW, when FastAssEG is talking about 16x media, he probably had YUDEN000-T02 (DVD+R´s) in mind. :cool:


Pinto, I have no clue how to read the code. Can you explain?

I’m using the same disc as mxue (8x FugiFilm PRODISCF01). Is the TYG01 DVD-R the same as the PRODISCF01 ? TCAS is saying TYG01 is plus and pinto2 says its dash. I’m getting confused

Also, I’m using a generic cd-r media disk that has a max burn speed of 52x but the 3500AG driver only sees it as 16x. is there a fw for that to burn at 48x?

just wondering. if there is can I get a link to it?


FastAssEG, how do you install the fw? the .rar only contains a .bin file.


Take your time. There is no hurry to upgrade firmware. :wink:
When you have done enough reading, you will know…

PRODISCF01 is NOT “the same” as TYG01, but still dash (DVD-R) media.

BTW, you can check up all the MID´s in 2.18 firmware here. :cool:



Sorry for the typo, what I meant was Fuji DVD+R 8X ( TY T02) can be burned with stock f/w of NEC-3500 at 16X.



It never fails to amaze me that folks are wanting to speed up medias-

Do they realize that in doing so - it will reduce the quality of their burns-

Why would anyone want to comprise the quality of burns - especially on quality medias?

Me - I want the best quality of burn at the most reasonable speed for the quality of medias that I use (Ritek, TY, Maxell and Verbatim) - and pushing the burn does not make a whole lot of sense to me-

My $.02-



mike-- they need the extra time they save to go stand in front of the microwave and scream “faster faster”


If the Quality is only your concern, good for you but please don’t try to impose your concern and values on others. Before you knocking down the work of these highly dedicated individual, spend some time to read and browse to find out what motivate these people to spend their time, resources and money on this area.


I don’t understand why some people always assume that a slower burn must be better. I have tested dozens of burns and - provided you have good media (like Yuden T02) - the faster burns are usually equal to and sometimes even better than the slower ones.



Could you please point out EXACTLY where I put down the work of the dedicated hardworking people - and BTW I spend a lot of time reading what these people do and have a very rich history in thanking them - in public on these forums-

I am doing what these forums are ment to do - question motivation to bring balance to the opinions - a right that I take very seriously-

Happy Holidays to you too-