Use my BDR-207DBK or buy BDR-209DBK?




Only burned a few discs, but I was wondering, I am going to get a bunch of pioneer bd-r’s

Would I gain anything from buying and using the newer drive, bought the bdr-207dbk some time ago but not gotten around using it like I thought. Main reason was crappy BD media and some other hardware issues, but I think it is time to at least burn (and save) a smaller part of what I have on my harddrives (been using HD storage and a USB3 dockingstation).

So back to the main quesiton, would I gain any burning quality but getting the new drive then the older one I currently have ?

Oh, btw, I would be using it for 25Gb BD-R (singel layer) discs, and quality discs, nothing else.

What Pioneer BluRay burner to buy?

There are a fair number of guys who test the Pioneer burning qualities ad nauseum around here, and the consensus of opinion seems to be that the 209 is a good drive, but may not be quite as good as some of the earlier models, including your 207.

If you are burning for personal archives, use Panasonic discs, or FTI/Falcon if you can find those. Verbatim HTL is usually fine as well, though there are some questions on their longevity. I’ve not seen any issues in the Verbatim discs I’ve burned.


Ok. So they 206 207 208 and 209 are the same more or less, so it is more a issue of what media you use rather than the hardware. Then I seems that staying a bit behind in new hardware is good, when considering firmware problems and such, that is most of the time fixed, compared to brand new hardware.

Of course, Panasonic is the best from what I know, falcon are good to but hard to get, standard verbatim are easy to get (not going to use LTH, do not trust that kind of media).

And yes, it is personal use, for archiving a fraction of what I want to save, compared to the amount of terrabyte of data on harddrive storage.


Yeah, no need to replace a 207 or even 206/205 as long as you’re using decent media.


Albert, ah, thats good to know that the quality of the burning, the electrical, mechanics are more or less the same. Only thing I can tell, is that you get some more media support (like XL-media) and faster burning speeds, but that is nothing I need.

And yes, from what I can tell here in the forums, using sub-standard media or crappy media, is a waste of money, as bluray needs the best media possible for it to be a reliable storage.

Even so, I will not use bluray for saving a lot of data, media is expensive, I am using hard drives and getting high quality CD-R och DVD-R for the small amount of important data I have, personal pictures and stuff like that. Going to get the pictures out in analog format too. That is data I just can not loose to crappy media or other catastrophic things that could happen.

If my hard drives fail, it is not the end of the world, and since I am only using them from time to time in a docking station, failure rates should be low and they should last a long time. It is the only storage option that is flexible, reasonable safe, access to all data at once on the hard drive, fast and just works.

Thanks for the info, I will not get a newer bluray drive, unless I need to buy one anyway, I will keep my 207


I bought S09XLT and thinking to return it and stay with 207EBK ? How do you think ?