Use MS0R firmware on 165H6?

I have another drive for lightscribe, so I do not need the H part of my 165H6.

I am not getting good results with latest 165H6 firmware (HS0E), I went back to H9VN.
Since I am willing to loose the lightscribe, is there any problems flashing th 165H6 with the 165P6 firmware. Will the burn be affected, or would it potentially affect the drive?

thnks, soso

Me too im getting some shitty results on this 165H6S drive i just bought.

Hi Easez,
Only the latest HS0E was not giving me good results, HV9N gives me excellent burns.
The question about conversion is more about my interest in playing with techno toys, then performance.

try the HV9N , it might help you.
rgds, soso

thanks soso imma try that firmware.

I just flash the firmware HV9N works great thx. Did some scans works great.