Use IDE/PATA optical drive on SATA-only system?

I’ve successfully used PCI card adapter for connecting sata drive to ide motherboard, but I’ve recently incurred the reverse situation, i.e. use of ide drive with sata motherboard. Does anybody know a solution for this situation? I’ve tried a PCI card and an adapter that connects the ide drive to a sata port, neither of which works. The system won’t post with the PCI card installed, and it will boot with the adapter connecting the drive to a sata port; however, neither the bios nor Windows recognizes the drive. I’ve tried setting the ide CDRW drive to master, slave and cable select with the same results. Does anybody know an adapter or PCI card that will work for this situation?

Try looking in the definitive IDE controller thread:

If you can use a pci-e card, this one is a recent card that is mentioned in that thread as working with optical drives.

THE issue here is running a system on a drive connected with a controller card, because until the operating system is “up” the driver for the card/adapter is’t available.

Yes, there are work arounds to this but I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate
stability with such a setup.

Frankly I don’t understand why you could not simply aquire a SATA drive and eliminate the entire issue.

You can certainly buy a W-D or Seagate Refirb drive for ~$25


ide CDRW drive

He’s trying to use an IDE optical drive on a motherboard with no IDE connections, not a hard drive.

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that “problem” is even cheaper to buy yourself out of.

I recently bought a SATA DVD burner for $12 new with free shipping.

If you can aquire a drive as cheaply as alan that would probably be the best solution.
I have another suggestion if you really want to use a specific IDE drive .
Maybe because you consider it a better burner.
Buy an external enclosure that accepts an IDE drive .
Then connect via USB.
Check some reviews on the enclosure to see how it works with your drive if possible. Some chip sets in these enclosures work better than others .

Hey that $12 burner was the cheapest burner Newegg sold at the time I ordered it for a customer’s computer.

The burner I run in my own computer was a Sony/Optiarc that I paid $26 fr

Still cheaper than any HDD I’ve ever bought.

I agree that maybe you should just buy a SATA optical drive instead. I wouldn’t be surprised if the motors are the first things to break on your old drive. Also, a new drive would support more types of discs to read or write at faster speeds.

If you still want to connect that IDE drive internally, there are standalone “IDE to SATA converters”. I believe they boot correctly during POST, so you can install OSes. You don’t need a PCI slot, but you would need power in the form of a floppy/20-in-1 connector from the power supply in addition to powering the drive itself.

Most importantly a new drive will have the proper “burning tables” for -R or +R discs that can be acquired currently.

An older optical drive? who knows

I had several milk crates full of older drives that all went out for scrap this summer
I didn’t keep anything with a manufacturing date older than 2007 unless it was SATA

If I had a need for an IDE drive, like the scanning abilities of a BenQ 1640, I can see the point of getting an IDE controller for it. I still have access to three computers that have native IDE controllers on the motherboard however, so at the present time, I personally don’t have a need for one.

And if you use known good media, like Verbatim or TY (either 8x or 16x), burning strategies are not a problem. The last time I used it, my ancient NEC 1300a was burning TY +R 8x just fine. As does my BenQ 1620.

Ostratego, the adapter I tried that didn’t work is the converter you mention I believe. It’s the one at

tried using Vantec UGT-IS100R expansion card. You can connect any optical devices and hard drives to it. Presently, I’m using it to connect my Plextor Premium cd writer to it. Win 7 and 8 recognizes it. Vantec UGT-IS602R card should also work except it is a lot more money due to Vantec labeling the sata connectors Sata 6G which is useless because the card is a PCI-E x1 type thus limiting the transfer speed .

That UGT-IS100R card would be a reasonable solution if I were sure it would work, but I’d hate to waste 22 bucks if it doesn’t work. My motherboard was manufactured December 2012 and has the UEFI bios which I’ve found to be very iffy about posting when something is incompatible or incorrectly connected. It even failed to post when a hard drive died recently, and I fear it may fail to post unless the add-on card is known to be compatible with it.

I don’t think your UEFI bios or the older kind bios makes any difference as long the bios will installed the drivers required for the Vantec card. My m/b is an Asus ROG Formula 3 X58 manufactured in October 2011. You can confirm this by contacting Vantec. They advise me that it will work before I made the purchase. Good luck

I decided to try the recommended Vantec card, and it gives error message that “Windows has been shutdown to protect your system possibly due to hardware problems. Please remove any newly installed hard drvie…” or something like that when I try booting to WinXP CD. However, once booted to Windows it reads disks and auto-run works, but in Device Manager it’s recognized as SCSI CDROM Device even though it’s a PATA DVD-RW. Has anybody else had this problem with this card, and does anyone know the cause or possible fix for this issue.

Maybe the motherboard/card combination just can’t work outside of Windows. Maybe tweaks in the BIOS can work around that, but I’m not sure. If you can still find a way to install XP without the card installed (which you did before), it’s more of a nuisance than a problem.

The SCSI thing is just the way the drivers for the add in card display connected devices. It hurts nothing. A different set of drivers for that hardware, if available, may “fix” that. Again, if everything else works (make sure you thoroughly test), then searching for a different set of drivers may not be worth your time.

this Vantec card uses JMicron drivers, confirm if your m/b uses the same JMicron drivers. It yes, uninstalled the m/b JMicron drivers and installed only the Vantec JMicron drivers, reboot if this solves the problem. I know my Asus m/b Jmicron drivers does not work well with Vantec version. As a result, my m/b devices uses the Vantec Jmicron drivers instead, everything functions without any issues. As to scsi cdrom labeling, don’t worry about it . On my system, all my hard drives are label as scsi, as well as my Plextor cdrom. To test it, Try booting the optical device attached to the Vantec first in the bios setting. If successful, then switch to boot to your hard drive first. Finally, you may need to download the latest version of the drivers. Sometimes the drivers that came with the card may not work well.

To clarify in my reply #16 it actually gets to the “Press any key to boot to CD” screen and displays “Starting Windows” followed by “Windows is loading files” where it shows “Press F6 to load SCSI drivers,” “USB Keyboard,” etc. and then finally gives the error message. On further tries it boots fine to Seagate Discwizard boot CD et al but not the Windows install CD which seems to me to indicate something about the device is incompatible with Windows Setup in spite of the fact that it works fine once booted to Windows normally.

I called Vantec support about the problem and was told this is an old, well tested card and assured me it has proven to work without problems for WinXP systems. Obviously they don’t even know their own product that well and don’t seem to care about trying to resolve issues.

I guess I could keep the card since I’m able to use it once booted to Windows and since I do have a sata DVD-RW I can boot from if needed, but it’s a shame it won’t work the way it should according to the manufacturer. My other option is to return it to NewEgg for refund, but I suspect return shipping will be at least $5 if not more. Interestingly I have another Rosewill PCI card with VIA chipset that’s a sata/ide adapter that boots to Windows CD just fine on another PC, and the Rosewill card cost less than half the Vantec card price.

SIIG SCPE4B12S4 PCI IDE Controller Card - Sil680